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Is a Small Biz Webs® website package enough for your small business or do you need something more? How do you decide? Consider these questions:

  • What do my customers expect from my website?
    How much do you know about your customers and how closely are you listening to them? Ignore your customer's online expectations and they'll gladly visit your competitors instead.
  • What do I want this website to do for my business?
    Common goals are establishing credibility and saving time. Our Small Biz Webs® website packages can serve those goals very well. Need to attract new business? If you're in a competitive market, you may need advanced SEO (search engine optimization) available from 888 Biz Webs to help get your business found online.
  • What is my competition doing online?
    Always know what your competitors are doing - and do it better. But... don't do something just because your competition is doing it. Better means focusing on a better customer experience.
  • How quickly do I need a website?
    If you need a website quickly, our Small Biz Webs® website packages can be online in less than 30 days. A custom website from 888 Biz Webs requires more time for goal setting, planning, research and more.
  • What is my Internet marketing budget?
    Our Small Biz Webs® website packages provide a fully-managed and optimized web presence for small businesses with budgets smaller than $5,000. The great thing about the web is that you can start small and grow or enhance your website later.

Many small businesses in our portfolio started as SmallBizWebs.com clients and have grown to develop fully custom and enhanced websites with 888 Biz Webs.

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